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Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dream Coloring Page: Teach Kids the Bible Story with a Fun Activity

joseph interprets pharaohs dream coloring page

Joseph, the master interpreter, put on a show of Pharaoh’s dream. His knowledge and wisdom made the confusing symbols clear. His special talent of finding hidden meaning saved the land from trouble.

The dream gave Pharaoh a lot of pictures; seven fat cows, seven thin cows, great ears of corn then dead ones. He asked his smart people and advisors but they couldn’t explain it. But Joseph had a different way.

Joseph was sure and humble. He knew this dream wasn’t just a story – it had a secret message. He untangled the metaphor inside Pharaoh’s thoughts. The seven big cows meant abundance and success. The skinny ones meant famine. The healthy ears of corn meant a good harvest then a bad one.

Joseph’s understanding was accurate. Egypt had years of plenty then hunger. The people thanked Joseph for his wisdom in good times and bad.

Joseph could understand dream language. He used this power to protect the country in hard times.

This incredible story shows us that special knowledge can come from unexpected places. Joseph’s amazing journey teaches us to see complex messages and make a difference in our world. As we explore our own dreams, let us remember Joseph’s powers and use them to make our lives more clear.

Understanding Joseph’s Dream Interpretation

Symbol Representation Interpretation
Ears of Corn Abundance and Prosperity The dream signifies plentiful resources. Times of plenty are ahead!
Fat Cows Wealth and Fertility It symbolizes economic growth and fruitful times to come. Joseph’s dream interpretation:
The ‘fortune teller’ of yore –
Bringing nightmares to life
With a side of vivid illustrations!

Importance of Joseph’s Dream Interpretation

Joseph’s Dream Interpretation was pivotal in the course of history. He could understand dreams and gave Pharaoh useful advice that saved Egypt from a famine.

Joseph’s understanding was incredible. He worked out the hidden meaning of the symbols, enabling him to predict the future. Pharaoh took action to protect Egypt, and Joseph was given the job of managing resources.

Joseph’s interpretation is still relevant today. It teaches us lessons for leaders and problem solvers. His capability to see further than the surface is inspiring.

Dream interpretation has had a huge impact on events. Abraham Lincoln’s dream before he was killed is one example. In it, he saw himself in a coffin with people mourning him. He told his wife about it days before he was shot.

Dreams should not be ignored. They can provide insights that we cannot get consciously. From ancient times to present day, dream interpretation has been a major factor in destiny and decision-making.

Step-by-Step Guide on Coloring Joseph Interpreting Pharaoh’s Dream

Coloring can be fun for both adults and kids! Get ready to create a vibrant masterpiece that captures the moment Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream with these simple instructions.

  1. Gather your supplies: You’ll need coloring pencils, markers, or crayons in various colors and a printable or coloring book version of the scene.
  2. Plan colors: Think about the different elements of the scene – Joseph, Pharaoh, symbols, and background – and how you’ll bring them to life on paper. Experiment with combinations to create a visually appealing composition.
  3. Add depth: Use shading techniques to create dimension and make areas appear closer or farther away. Experiment with blending colors together and use cross-hatching or stippling techniques. Pay attention to details such as facial expressions and clothing patterns to enhance the overall visual impact.
  4. Sign your artwork: Once you’re done, sign your masterpiece! It’ll be a beautiful reminder of this ancient biblical story.

Tips and Tricks for an Excellent Coloring Result

Should Joseph have pursued a career in reality TV rather than ruling Egypt? The Pharaoh’s dream interpretation has us asking this question.

To make an excellent colored masterpiece, use these helpful tips:

  • Select quality items: Find colored pencils or markers with vivid colors that won’t smudge.
  • Layering: Start with light strokes and gradually add further layers for depth and dimension.
  • Details: Focus on the small details and use techniques like blending and shading for a professional finish.

Furthermore, experiment with different coloring strategies such as cross-hatching, stippling, or watercolor effects if using watercolor pencils. These can provide unique visuals and interest.

Now that you know these tricks, don’t miss out on the chance to make spectacular art! Let your creative side shine and relax while achieving amazing results. Start coloring now!


Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream holds deep meaning. With his great wisdom, Joseph could make sense of the symbols and see the coming famine. This allowed Pharaoh to make wise choices to lessen the damage.

Joseph’s skill to understand dreams shows his special blessing from God. It shows the importance of spiritual understanding and divine help in solving complex problems. We must look outside our own knowledge and trust in a higher power.

Joseph’s interpretation not only saved Egypt, but also other nations. The surplus grain from Egypt saved many from starvation. This stresses the importance of being prepared and helping others in need.

Take away this lesson: Use your gifts, seek spiritual wisdom, plan ahead & help others in need!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dream Coloring Page:

1. How can I find a Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream coloring page?

    You can find Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream coloring pages by searching online coloring book websites or by looking for printable coloring pages themed around the story of Joseph from the Bible.

2. What is the significance of Joseph interpreting Pharaoh’s dream?

    Joseph interpreting Pharaoh’s dream plays a crucial role in the biblical story as it showcases Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams accurately. This event ultimately leads to Joseph’s rise to power in Egypt and sets the stage for the story of Israel’s descent into Egypt.

3. Are there any educational benefits to coloring a Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream coloring page?

    Coloring a Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream coloring page can have several educational benefits. It can help children engage with the biblical story, improve their fine motor skills, and enhance their creativity while learning about an important event in religious history.

4. Can I use the Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream coloring page for religious teaching?

    Yes, the Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream coloring page can be a helpful tool for religious teaching. It allows children to visually connect with the story and serves as a starting point for discussions about biblical themes such as faith, interpretation of dreams, and God’s providence.

5. Where can I find printable Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream coloring pages for free?

    Numerous websites offer free printable Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream coloring pages. You can visit websites dedicated to coloring pages, religious education resources, or even conduct a simple Google search to find a variety of options.

6. Is there a specific coloring technique or color scheme recommended for Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream coloring page?

    There is no specific coloring technique or color scheme recommended for Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream coloring page. However, you can encourage creativity by suggesting vibrant and eye-catching colors to depict the dream scene and Joseph’s interpretation.